The Lake

La Butte is a family friendly fishing lake with excellent accommodation. The lake at La Butte is man-made, carved from the clay and fed by three natural springs. Therefore, La Butte doesn’t suffer from the droughts that affect many other fisheries in the area. The lake in turn feeds the local stream, ‘La Riverolle’ which has kept the village of Mouliherne supplied with water for centuries. We’ve taken great care to prepare the lake for your enjoyment, as well as sport. In the late summer of 2006, major works were underaken to extend the banks, and to deepen the waters. The waters were stocked that spring with over a ton of specimen carp ranging in size up to 37lb, (mirror, commons, grass & crucian as well as ghost & koi), along with a quantity of tench, bream, roach pike, & perch. The last few years have seen an intensive feeding and breeding programme, as well as the painstaking process of cleaning out much of the intrusive weed and lily beds. A path has been created around the perimeter of the water, so you can safely choose your swim. There are several swims – some natural, some created mechanically. All have been fished with success. See the gallery for pictures of the ones that didn’t get away! Please have safety in mind when using the lake, it is unfenced, and the water is up to 8 feet deep in places.

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Remember – your children are YOUR responsibility, please have a safe and happy holiday at La Butte.

We provide fishermen and women with storage for their tackle, as well as bait fridges and advice.There is a small selection of basic tackle for guests to use. Advice is offered, in the form of a visitors book in the house, describing the best baits and methods but feel free to use your own tried & tested methods and be sure to let us know what works for you too! Feel free to use the old mobile home by the waters edge for storage or take leisurely row around the lake in the boat provided for our guests pleasure.

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